Sep 23, 2010

Let me introduce... John

Let me introduce is a series of posts introducing some of the characters from, Shades of Atlantis. Each is accompanied by an image of an actor I think matches the appearance of the character as I see them in my head.

John is 25, and like Triona, both his parents are deceased. Also like Triona, John doesn’t want to believe in the supernatural. He is extremely determined and has built up several businesses as well as raising his young sister.
Triona sees him as a good friend and a shoulder to lean on, the only person in her life that doesn’t remind her of her past. John is patient and single-minded in his belief that he can help Triona overcome her past, and make her happy.
He is brave and loyal, going to any lengths, humanly possible, to protect Triona.
* This cutie is Bradley James and comes complete with a genuine British accent. He can currently be seen weilding a broad sword as king Arthur in Merlin.

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