Sep 22, 2010

Let me introduce... Triona

Let me introduce is a series of posts introducing some of the characters from, Shades of Atlantis. Each is accompanied by an image of an actor I think matches the appearance of the character as I see them in my head.

Triona has recently turned eighteen at the beginning of SoA. She is bright and level-headed but tends to be happiest when she blends into the background. She has a small, close circle of friends and counts her younger brother, Ben, among them.
Triona is quite unsettled. She is well aware of her lack of direction, other than her desire to leave home, believing her life and what she is meant to do with it lies elsewhere. She is very practical and, after the death of her parents, has little faith in fairy tales and happy ever afters.
Her friends describe her as someone unobservant and reserved, someone who needs looking after and has little interest in dating. They tell her that she thinks too much and is indecisive, but she is also someone who can be relied on.
All of this changes for Triona when she is undeniably drawn to a handsome new resident in Camden with a closet full of skeletons and secrets.
* Actress is Alexandra Daddario


  1. lol, she's the image of how I picture my main character. Oh to be so beautiful. I like the sound of Triona - looking forward to reading about her.

  2. You know a few people I've talked to have said she looks like their main character. She must have one of those faces. lol.