Sep 26, 2010

Let me introduce... Caleb

Let me introduce is a series of posts introducing some of the characters from, Shades of Atlantis. Each is accompanied by an image of an actor I think matches the appearance of the character as I see them in my head.


Caleb has spent most of his life moving around and never found a place he could call home. He has a passion for reading and history, passed on from his father, and for cooking. Although Caleb seems reserved, he is driven by his emotions and has to work hard to control them. Occasionally they overcome him, leading Caleb to act unpredictably.
He is a Guardian, a descendent of demi-gods that once populated Atlantis. His relationship with a human places them both in danger and forces Caleb to make radical, life-threatening choices.
* The actor this time is Adam Gregory

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