May 13, 2014

The Guardians of Atlantis

In my Shades series, the supernatural beings refer to themselves as Guardians and here’s a little about them.

A very long time ago, in a small island in a great ocean, a perfect society existed. This place went by the name Atlantis. Two races of mortal beings resided there. One race were the children of the goddess Danu. They were beautiful, strong, and fast with various extraordinary gifts. They lived for centuries, each sharing their life force and strength with a soul mate.

The other race were fragile, innocent creatures—humans. Guardians considered humans almost like children.

But Guardians were curious creatures and left the small island to explore the wider world. Their measure of time wasn’t the same as we know it. When they returned, many generations had passed for humans. The once fragile and docile race had grown savage and didn’t remember the Guardians. Humans took them as invaders and called them demons because of their magic. They named them Tuatha Dé Danann.

Great battles were fought but eventually the The Dé Danann grew weary of death and the destruction of all they loved, and conceded. Believing their soul mate to be the source of a Guardian’s power, humans separated them, tore them from their families, and banished them to live underground. The once utopian island was renamed in honour of one of the Dé Danann queens, Ériu, after she pleaded with the humans. Later it became known as Éire—Ireland.

From Guardians grew legends of beautiful creatures that turned deadly and hideous when threatened. For millennia humans continued to hunt them, covering up slaughters with stories of witchcraft and vampires. With their royal bloodline slaughtered, eventually Guardian numbers shrank and they became nothing more than myth to the modern world. However, Guardians still exist and live among humans, forbidden to love them and fearing a prophecy that tells of a child born of both races who will signal the beginning of their end.

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Since the death of their parents, Triona Pryor and her brother, Ben, have lived with their aunt and uncle in Camden, Maine. Now in her senior year of high school, Triona loves her family and friends, but she has always felt that she didn't quite fit Camden, or anywhere else.
Enter Caleb Wallace, the devilishly handsome man who has recently moved to Triona's small town.
While their attraction to each other is instantaneous, it also proves to be dangerous...and deadly. When tragedy strikes, Triona flees to London for solace and to start her life anew. It's there she discovers from an unlikely source that her family has been keeping secrets from her - secrets about not only her birthright, but her ultimate destiny as well.
Armed with this knowledge, Triona finds herself thrown into a whole new world and into a battle to save the lives of everyone she loves.

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