May 9, 2014

Spring into Summer Party!

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Who doesn’t love party? I know I do. I devoured Ex-Factor by Elisa Dane. I didn’t really know what to expect but you can see from my review here, I loved it. Seriously, you need this book in your life.

I’m super excited to be celebrating our latest releases together with a FB party. We have a whole stack of books that will find new homes on the night as well as other party favours.

Shawna Romkey - Speak of the Devil

Dorothy Dreyer - My Sister's Reaper

L.H. Nicole - Legendary

Alla Kar- Wrecked

Theresa Marie- Never Again

Stephanie Russell Haefner- Paradise

Stephanie Judice- Rising

Cherie Colyer- Embrace, Challenging Destiny

Suzanne Van Rooyen- The Other Me

Coleen Burright- Wonderfully Wicked

Amy Harmon- Signed PRINT copy of Making Faces

Penelope Douglas- Bully

Carol Oates - Shades of Atlantis, Shades of Avalon

Elisa Dane- Ex Factor

Jennifer Lane - Streamline

Laura Howard - The Forgotten Ones

Kat Ross - One Fine Day

But why wait until the 23rd. We’ll be on the event page every day between now and then chatting up a storm. Swing by and join in!

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