Oct 10, 2011

2011 European Year of the Volunteer

This is not the post I had originally planned for today about scouting locations for one of my WIPs. That can keep. I thought it was more important to share this video.

A while back I did a post about Childline here in Ireland, the importance of their work and how they struggle to meet the financial obligations of keeping it running:

 ‘I Can't Wait To Grow Up' - Support, Empower and Protect Children

As the mother of a special needs child I can appreciate some of the difficulties faced by children and young people trying to make their way in a world they sometimes don’t understand. It can seem scary and huge, something bewildering and beyond their control. A lot of the special needs children I have met struggle to find a voice to express themselves even when there is someone there desperately trying to listen.

Then there are those children and young people who exist in a world that is equally as scary for other reasons but have no one there to listen. That is when Childline and the volunteers who give their time come in. They are there to listen with an unbiased ear. They are the hand that reaches out and tells that young person they are not alone. I am very proud to say my brother is one of those people. Here we have a video from some of the volunteers, including my brother, talking about the difference volunteering has made to their lives. 


Not everyone can spare the time to volunteer to a charity such as Childline, but if you can spare two minutes, please visit Better Together and vote for this video. Your vote could help the organisation win one of three 3,000 euro prizes or up to 10,000 euro. That cash could go a long way to helping funds.


  1. Volunteering is so important! I think we expect our government to take care of everybody when we need to take care of our neighbors. I went to the site and tried to vote but I wasn't clear which entrant linked up with your video?

  2. Really? The Better Together link should have gone straight to the video page and voting is hovering over the stars and rating.