May 24, 2011

Tempt Me Tuesday

Tempt Me Tuesday is a new hop hosted by Lisa Sanchez on a weekly basis. 

Authors both published and unpublished can share a bit of their WIP, or feature a snippet or "teaser" from one of their published books.
There are no rules as far as how big or little your teaser should be, however, do try to keep them at a reasonable length. People may tune out/lose interest if you post half your book on your
blog. Just sayin'.

To participate:

  • Create a new post for your Tempt Me Tuesday entry
  • Place the button on your post with a link back here. (If people get lost along the hop, they can click on the button and find the master list here)
  • Post your teaser for the week
  • Enter the link to your post into the linky list.

My teaser is from from one of my current WIPs. It's the sequel to Shades of Atlantis, tentatively titled, Shades of Avalon.

Ben POV:

         “When the flow of destiny is interrupted, it creates a new path. Fate does not tolerate her plans being altered.
       “So you are saying that mark means John is a new path or a variable in fate’s plan?” I asked dubiously. 
       Gwenivere stood and bent at the waist to brush grass from her jeans. Her long braid swung down between us and obscured her face partially. 
       “I’m saying if Triona had destroyed Zeal, Caleb would still be here. Every choice we make has a consequence. Even the smallest mercy can be a tiny ripple that grows to a massive tidal wave. When Triona made that choice, fate led her back to John and made damn sure he could protect her if Caleb could not. Every queen needs her champion.” 


  1. oooh! Nice teaser! Can't wait to read the second installment!

  2. Wait! What??????

    This can't be real. Please don't tease like this.

    What happened to Caleb? He can not be taken away again. Please.


  3. Fate gets quite angry when her plans get altered! So John will be in the second book, eh? I thought we might have seen the last of him.