May 25, 2011

Book Review - With Good Behavior

  By Jennifer Lane
 Published by Omnific Publishing
Available in print and e-book
Adult themes

In a world gripped by organized crime, family dysfunction, and dim hopes of redemption, can true love persevere? For Sophie Taylor, a beautiful psychologist who lost everything when she violated an ethical boundary, and Grant Madsen, a handsome naval officer who sacrificed everything to protect a loved one, finding that love may carry an unbearable cost.

Starting their lives over in Chicago, both are fighting influences from their family and running as fast as they can to escape the past. When their paths cross outside the parole officer's door, the attraction is instantaneous. But a hidden connection may not only shatter their fledgling love, but prove deadly to them both.

My review
Disclaimer: Jennifer Lane is a friend and we are published through the same publisher. This hasn't influenced my review in the slightest. I wouldn't recommend a book unless I believed it worth the review. 
I'm giving this book five stars because, when I absolutely had to stop reading I found it very hard to drag myself away. First of all this book is long, very long with plenty of reading in it. I loved the complexities of all the major characters individually and the interactions between them. They felt very real to me. Normally I can guess the ending of a book from a few pages in. Something that struck me with this book was that I didn't even try. I found myself involved with each page and chapter to the extent I was happy to sit back and let the tale unfurl naturally. Jennifer Lane certainly took me on a wild ride. I cried and laughed out loud at a few different points in the story. All in all, With Good Behavior was a thoroughly enjoyable read.

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  1. Hooray, I'm so happy to hear you liked it. This on is very next in line of my to-reads (Note: I just had to return my current read to the library because I'd renewed too many times :( I'm only half way through. So, yeah reviews will have tide me over until I get to WGB).

    I love Jennifer's postings on the psyche because she so obviously knows what she's talking about, and I'm excited to meet the complex characters she's created.

  2. Thank you Carol! I'm proud we're friends. The fact that you cried and laughed while reading this made my day. :)

  3. I agree Nicki, I think Jen has great insight into her characters because of her background the the working of the ole grey matter.

    Thanks for Stopping by Jen. I'm happy to make your day. :-)