Jun 1, 2011

Teaser Tuesday – Lilith

Tempt Me Tuesday is a new hop on a weekly basis from Lisa Sanchez.
Authors both published and unpublished can share a bit of their WIP, or feature a snippet or "teaser" from one of their published books.
There are no rules as far as how big or little your teaser should be, however, do try to keep them at a reasonable length. People may tune out/lose interest if you post half your book on your blog. Just sayin'.
To participate:

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  • Post your teaser for the week
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Last week I gave you a snippet of Shades of Avalon. This week it’s the turn of my other WIP, Lilith. This is the sequel to Ember. Ember will be released later this year.
In order to keep from giving too much away I won’t be naming this male character.

She healed him in ways he was completely incapable of expressing. He was trying, but he had buried his emotions so long and so deeply. He wasn’t entirely sure he could make her understand the sheer violence of his love. It ripped through him every second of every day and night, crawling under his flesh and plucking at his nerves as if he was merely an instrument being played for her amusement. He would die for her in less than a heartbeat and it was becoming increasingly likely.
Now it’s your turn.

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  1. Loved the "Sheer violence of his love." This was a gripping teaser. Loved it!