May 28, 2011

The Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award

This is my first post using Windows Live Writer. I’ve seen a few blogger talking about this in the last couple of days, so I thought I would give it a try since I already had the program. So far so good.
I have been awarded The Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award by the lovely and talented, Jennifer Lane.
I am supposed to tell you you some things about myself but I’m sure you sick of hearing about me so instead I’m going to show you some of my latest sweet creations.
Photo0182 My nieces were visiting today before they travel to America for the summer. We had some after dinner treats.
228347_1778501469016_1433783679_31605581_1915741_n These were for Eric’s bowling party a few weeks ago. The chocolate slices had popping candy inside.
193703_107905279291046_100002147242901_74819_5762762_o (1)A joint effort with my sister-in-law. This cake was over two feet tall and at least twenty pounds of sponge cake, buttercream and fondant. It had a one inch wooden dowel running up the centre to support the structure engineered by my sis-in-law. Each brick was individually indented and painted, and the roof sparkled.
35863_108718029177964_100001193013858_67190_7380445_n My niece's first birthday cake. Sugar free carrot cake and vanilla cream cheese so minus the sugar paste the kids could indulge just a little.
On to passing the award. As some blogs are award free there is no pressure to join up.
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  1. You made a Rapunzel cake!! My youngest would scream if she saw this! Tangled is her favorite movie right now and she wants a Rapunzel cake badly, lol!!

  2. I'm going to start calling you Cake Boss! That castle spire (turret?) is ah-maze-ing!

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  4. Thanks. The roof was spongecake with an upside down cone wrapped in fondant. The shingles were then cut in and the edge ribboned before edible glitter was dusted on. My sis-in-law spent weeks researching how to make the entire thing stand. Most of the Tangled towers are rice crispie cake because of the weight.The only part that was inedible was the torso and head of Repunzel. I think between us, it's our favorite. I've also done a pint of Guinness, clowns, clocks and pig but I lost pics in the hardware crash of 2010. lol. I have to get them from someone. Most of my cakes are fondant but I've also done a chocolate wedding cake with Strawberries and Baileys cream. So that one was piped.

  5. The Rapunzel cake is unbelievable! So you are a talented writer and now this?

    Bravo to you and sis-in-law for making that cake! And the ladybug cake is adorable.

    thank you for the award!!!