Mar 28, 2014

Challenging Destiny Release Party! Cherie Colyer Talks Inspiration

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The release part for Challenging Destiny is underway and today I’m delighted to welcome Cherie Colyer to talk about her inspiration for the book.


Several years ago my husband and I were driving on a two lane road in what felt like the middle of nowhere. There was nothing but narrow road and fields for as far as the eye could see, until we approached a crossroad. Then a two story white building with very few windows, no landscaping, and a tiny porch leading up to double doors loomed in front of us. As we drove closer I was able to read the sign that said it was a church and I remember thinking it didn’t look welcoming.

A few weeks later, we drove by it again. Only this time I imagined an old vintage car parked behind the sign. Inside the car was a teenage boy, Logan Ragsdale. Of course, I wanted to know why he was hiding, but then I realized that whoever was in that building wasn’t his friends. Logan watched the door with hate running through his veins. There was someone inside that he cared about. A girlfriend crossed my mind, but then I thought it would have to be someone he’d risk his life for. His sister.

That’s about the time I heard a girl say, “You’re going to lose her forever if we don’t move soon.” Logan’s reply was laced with contempt, “Why should I trust you?”

Kira Rose’s character quickly formed and the pieces to the story fell in place. Logan and Ariana Ragsdale’s relationship formed. Who they are, what they’ve been through, and why their decision had led them to that church. It took me a few years to actually write Challenging Destiny, and I’m thrilled to be able to share it with you today.

I’d like to thank Carol for having me on her blog today. Be sure to enter the giveaway below!

Thank you, Cherie, for stopping by.



Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Kindle Release Date: March 27, 2014

Worldwide Release Date: July 11, 2014


Logan Ragsdale and his younger sister, Ariana, have been marked, chosen to be unwilling participants in a war between angels and demons.

Logan can sense something's not quite right. Like an unexpected chill on a summer's day, he can feel the unseen closing in. He's had these feelings before and, each time, someone close to him died. He's afraid this time it might just be Ariana.

Logan's fears are soon confirmed when he discovers their new friends aren't human, but rather representatives from Heaven and Hell sent to Earth to ensure he and Ariana accept their roles in an ancient prophecy. Demons want Logan to open the gates of Hell. Ariana has the power to stop them, but if she chooses to side with Heaven to spare the lives of thousands of innocent people, she'll damn her brother for eternity.

Together, they must derail the biblical event if they hope to save themselves and the future of mankind...but what price are they willing to pay to keep the other safe?

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About the author:

Cherie Colyer is the author of YA paranormal thriller/romance, EMBRACE and HOLD TIGHT from Omnific Publishing. Her latest novel, CHALLENGING DESTINY will be available this spring from The Wild Rose Press, Black Rose Imprint. Check out her website and blog for news on her books and bonus material. Follow Cherie on Twitter, Facebook, and/or Goodreads to get the latest updates on her books.

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