Jan 10, 2011

Shades of Atlantis... Locations

I knew from the beginning of the writing process that Triona would get to see more than her home town during the course of the story. There are lots of locations mentioned and several that Triona gets to experience first hand. Here is a chance for you to explore some of them….
Camden, Maine in America
When I was looking for a location for Triona's home town I referred to Google Earth. I wanted a location with some relevance to the story as well as a place that would have the look and feel I wanted. I had never heard of Camden before, although I know lots about it now and in the end, Camden captured me. 
Camden is a beautiful town in Knox country, a popular tourist destination and back drop for many movies in the past, Peyton Place, In the bedroom and even Stephen King’s Thinner.
Among it many attractions are the Bay with Windjammers (tall ships), also the name adopted by Camden Hills high school’s sports teams, taking tourist out to explore the area. Camden Hills State park, the home of Mt Battie and The Snow Bowl, the town owned recreation area where the U.S. national toboggan championship takes place each year.
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Dublin, Ireland

From the name Dubh linn meaning black pool, this is my home town. The capital of Ireland, it is also the home of Guinness, Trinity College, Ulysses and the daddy of vampires writers, Bram Stoker.

Although there are records of a settlement here before hand, the Vikings officially settled Dublin in 988 AD as a walled town. Many of the walls and artifacts can still be seen around the city, and it was only after Oliver Cromwell took it over in the 17th Century that it grew in prosperity to be the second city in the British Empire. Later, in 1916, the General Post Office or GPO on O’Connell Street was used as the head quarters for the men and women who took part in the Easter Rising and although it was a failure, it later led to the creation of a Free State.
Now, Dublin is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city with a fast growing population that looks to pass two million by the year 2021. It’s a city of art and culture, education and heritage and well worth a visit.
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The Hill of Tara, County Meath in Ireland
There is something truly magical about standing in a place that was said to be the seat of power in ancient Ireland, both politically and religiously. The site was built circa 3200 B.C., carbon dating reports Tara is 600 years older than the pyramids of Giza and 1000 years more ancient than Stonehenge. The magnificent vista of the surrounding Irish countryside is truly unforgettable.
Tara is an archeological site where several ancient monuments can be seen, including a Neolithic tomb called the Mound of the Hostages and Lia Fáil, said to be the stone of Destiny, which was moved from it's original location at Tara to mark the graves of 400 men who died during a rebellion there in 1798 against the British.

Later in the 20th Century the area was excavated by men who believed it held the Ark of the Covenant and was listed on the 15 must-see endangered cultural treasures in the world by the Smithsonian Institute. Unfortunately, the Irish government decided to route a motorway through the surrounding landscape in an area it is widely appreciated to form part of the ancient site, despite the protests of many citizens.

Clerkenwell, London and Oxford in England
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Hill of Tara