Jan 17, 2011

Meet an Author Monday - News

So it's Monday and that means meet an Author day. As you can see my website has had a makeover, lets see how long this one lasts. lol. I also designed a pretty drop down menu which sadly has decided not to co-operate and is currently sitting on my test blog. Anyway for some news.

Ember, my second novel, is now in the hands of my lovely editor and we exchanged the first emails on how to proceed last night. I can't express how thrilled and excited I am to be at this stage of the process. It is still very early days and I will bring you more news on that when it's available.

Some of my talented author friends have set up an new blog called Thoroughly Smitten. I have yet to add my two cents but hope to get around to it soon.

The last Monday of the month, the participating blogs in the author hop hosted by Cali Cheer Mom will be talking about, and possibly even sharing a pic of their workspace.

February 1st to February 10th I am taking part in a book blog tour hosted by The Teen {Book} Scene.  Check in here for updates on the blogs taking part or follow me on twitter.

That's it for now, apart from your chance  to add your name to the Monday Linky. :-)

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  1. You have a lot going on, Carol! Congrats on finishing(?) Ember--I like that title. Is Thoroughly Smitten ready to go live?

  2. Thanks. It's at the beginning so still a lot to do but we have lots of time.
    Killian has a post up on TS, of course as always I'm behind. I haven't added my name yet.

  3. "Ember" So exciting!

    Your new banner is cute! But I keep getting a craving for red shoelace licorice here!

  4. I am so proud of you! Another book!! You are kicking them out bb!! :)

  5. Hey KiTT, You know I never thought of that and now you say it, I am too. :-)

    Emmie, this one was in the works for a while. I had the first chapters and an outline done around the time I started RA. I left it aside for a bit and while RA was coming together I kept going back to add notes. In the end I knew I the characters wouldn't leave me alone until I got their story out. So while Shades of Atlantis was going through editing I was working on this.
    I think the voice is more like RA than Shades of Atlantis. It feels more descriptive to me but I'll have to wait until it's out there to hear what you guys think.