Dec 16, 2015

Review - Broken Bonds by Trisha Wolfe

Let me start by saying, I am way behind on my reviews and hope to catch up over the holidays. This year has really kicked my butt. I'm reading almost as much as ever and although I tend to only spend time reviewing books I've enjoyed, I haven't even found much time to do that!

Adult Read

So, here we go. Broken Bonds is actually the series name for With Visions of Red books #1,#2, and #3. It's available in single books or as a handy dandy box set.

 I've read a number of Trisha Wolfe's books in the past and she never fails to impress me, but let me just say that these books blew my socks off. I had book one on my To Read from release but never quite got around to it and by the time the box set came out, I totally forgotten what the series was even about. So, I dived in blind. Although it is three relatively fast reads, they are not books for reading in isolation. They need to be read together and in order.

Sadie Bonds was introduced to the world of blood and violence in a brutal and very personal way. Now working as a criminal profiler, catching the bad guys seems to verge almost on obsession for her. By night she explores her dark fantasies at an exclusive BDSM club. It's there she meets Colton, a rope rigger at the club with a dark past of his own. Meanwhile, there is a sadistic serial killer on the loose and he is trying hard to get Sadie's attention. So begins a twisted game of cat and mouse.

Despite the gore, brutality, and sometimes disturbing scenes depicted, there is a sophistication about these books. I can only put it down to the skill of the author. Think Dexter/Hannibal. With varied points of view, the reader gets to explore the world of police investigation from different angles. The killer's POV was particularly chilling with almost poetic prose I found genuinely scary.

Contrasting that is the developing romance between Sadie and Colton. The sex scenes are sensual and detailed rather than graphic and each scene serves a purpose in propelling the story forward. And these books do zoom along with fast paced action that will keep any reader completely engrossed.

One for those who enjoy an excellent crime read with a dark hit of romance and erotica.

Five Stars

About the Author

From an early age, Trisha Wolfe dreamed up fantasy worlds and characters and was accused of talking to herself. Today, she lives in South Carolina with her family and writes full time, using her fantasy worlds as an excuse to continue talking to herself. 

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