Mar 14, 2015

Fix You by Beck Anderson Review and Giveaway

Adult Contemporary Romance 
New release from Gallery Books (Simon & Schuster) March 2015
Previously released by Omnific Publishing

In this modern-day Cinderella story with a charming twist, a young widow with two rambunctious sons falls for a gorgeous movie star. But can she handle life in the limelight?
When Kelly Reynolds’s husband died two years ago, he left her to raise their two young boys. She’s barely pieced herself back together and takes refuge in her routine, running her kids around town and running the trails near their Idaho home.
A chance encounter on a trail run brings famous actor Andy Pettigrew into her life. He’s clearly interested in her, but Kelly hates risk, and a love affair with Andrew is certainly tempting fate. She doesn’t fit into his Hollywood world. She doesn’t own a pair of Louboutins, and she couldn’t walk five steps in them if she did. Andrew oozes cool. She reeks of dork.
Despite this, they click. But Andrew struggles with the pressures of his fame, and Kelly’s hold on a so-called normal life is already tenuous. So as much as she wants to indulge the fantasy, she doesn’t know how either of them is supposed to cope with stalkerazzi and tweet-happy fans with camera phones. Especially when she and Andrew both have secrets that seem impossible to keep…

I had already read The Jeweler by Beck Anderson so I had some idea what to expect in terms of writing style. 

Beck has a way of shooting you through the story so that a lot of time elapses over the course of the book, however, it never feels rushed in any part. The writing is tight and descriptions are concise but emotive. The landscapes and scenery in this book almost feet like extra characters, with the stark contrast between laid back Idaho and glittering Hollywood parties. 

A particular scene in the first few pages of the book left me breathless in the worst way. There was a moment between Kelly and her husband, a very simple, completely ordinary moment but something in it reverberated through me. It was so completely real, the beginning of something bigger than either of them. The imagery of the couple at the top of the ski route was perfect. I imagined sweeping downward, the sensation of unstoppable momentum carrying them forward. It was a perfect and I was hooked.

As a character, Kelly is likeable. She's strong and sensible, beautiful but a little damaged around the edges. There were a couple of moments I wanted to shake her. A couple of times I felt she was mothering Andrew rather than treating him as a partner. But for the most part, I could see why someone like Andrew would fall for her. 

As for Andrew, okay, I'm going to say it. I don't know if Andrew was based on any actor in particular, but I know who I immediately pictured. I did feel a little like a voyeur in a real person's life, it gave me a couple of moments pause. This could have been me and not the book at all. I don't usually picture actors as book people, but it could have been just that Andrew was so completely flesh out that he jumped off the page as a real person. 

The romance was slow and simmering. Rightly so, under the circumstances. Andrew is romantic but in a way I like. I'm not a grand gestures sort of girl so I liked they started with shopping and tea, frozen pizza and sweaty running clothes. 

When the truth of Kelly and Andrew's pasts are revealed it swept me sideways. It was unexpected but at the same time foreshadowed. Looking back, clues were there, but I can't say I saw it coming. 

Overall this is a well-written romance with real depth and texture to it. I'd give it a solid five stars. 

About the Author
Beck Anderson loves to write about love and its power to heal and grow people past their many imperfections. She is a firm believer in the phrase "mistakes are for learning" and uses it frequently to guide her in writing life and real life.
Beck balances (clumsily at best) writing novels and screenplays, working full-time as an educator, mothering two pre-teen males, loving one post-40 husband, and making time to walk the foothills of Boise, Idaho, with Stefano DiMera Delfino Anderson, the suavest Chihuahua north of the border.


To celebrate the re-release of Fix you, the author is hosting a giveaway of a $25 Amazon giftcard and a print copy of the book. 

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  1. Ooh, who did you picture for Andrew? Great review--I like how you pointed out the contrast between Idaho and Hollywood.

    1. An American Robert Pattinson. Which probably means I know far too much about him. lol