Oct 29, 2013

Free Short Read for Halloween and Excerpt

With All Hallows Eve, otherwise known as Halloween, coming up in a few days, most people are dressing up to go out or settling in beside a roaring fire to watch horror movies or read a scary book.

To celebrate the night when nothing is quite what it seems, I’m offering my 17,000 word novella, UNMADE, free to followers of my Facebook Page until All Hallows Day(Nov 1).

Unmade web version 

Lincoln Dowling wouldn’t hurt a fly. That character trait proved deadly when a stray dog stepped into the path of his car on prom night. With all efforts to save Lincoln failing, his mother turns to the one person who might be able to save him.
A year later, Lincoln remains under the care of innovative scientist, Matthew Baker. To the outside world, his recovery is astounding. However, for Lincoln, learning to act normal has become a matter of survival.
Plagued by nightmares of grisly murders and convinced something has gone wrong, he struggles to convince his girlfriend that these nightmares are bleeding into reality.
As Lincoln is forced to the brink of insanity, he will have to face his worst fears to keep the monster from destroying the one he loves.


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nancyThey were sandbox friends and she’d loved him as long as she could remember. They’d even gotten married once, although it had been presided over by her giant teddy bear and she’d forced Lincoln to eat a mud pie for their wedding cake. He’d always been intelligent and had never cared too much that some of the girls had called him a geek because of his glasses and the old T-shirts he liked to wear. The boys never did, though, because as smart as he’d been, he could also run faster and hit a baseball farther than any of them.
When they were ten, they went on a field trip to the museum in Augusta. Lincoln had told her Annabel Harper asked to sit beside him on the bus. He’d firmly denied her request, responding that Nancy always took the next seat.
Lincoln had never stopped talking during the trip, whispering in Nancy’s ear when they’d been told to be quiet and listen to the tour guide, spilling more information that she could catch. Lincoln had explained transitional fossils, how they showed common traits of two species and how the species might be related. He had told her that it wasn’t correct or scientific to call them missing links, as they did in movies and books sometimes. Throughout the day, Nancy had spotted the pretty redhead, Annabel, giggling with some of the other girls whenever he walked by. At first, she’d thought they were laughing at him but then Nancy came to a much different conclusion. Holding hands in front of a Pleistocene Era depiction of the pre-historic humans, Nancy realized her best friend had morphed into some kind of missing link between a popular and a geek—the cute geek boy.
She’d never taken note of his smooth, white-blond hair or his eyes, the color of mercury, behind his glasses. He had begun to outgrow her too, standing an inch taller when she had always been taller than him.
She remembered blushing furiously. Lincoln had looked at her with narrowed, curious eyes, confused about why she’d dropped his hand as if it might burn her fingers. From that day on, scientific or not, she’d called him Link. It reminded her of that day, of that moment when she’d first seen him as more than her best friend.


“A savory mix between Ray Bradbury and Stephen King.”

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Happy Halloween!

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