Aug 8, 2013

New Cover for Unmade

After considering the feedback for the original cover of Unmade, it’s had a make over. So here we have it, cover #2.

Unmade web version

17,000 words approx

Available 14th August 2013 in E-book


Lincoln Dowling wouldn’t hurt a fly. That character trait proved deadly when a stray dog stepped into the path of his car on prom night. With all efforts to save Lincoln failing, his mother turns to the one person who might be able to save him.

A year later, Lincoln remains under the care of innovative scientist, Matthew Baker. To the outside world, his recovery is astounding. However, for Lincoln, learning to act has become a matter of survival.

Plagued by nightmares of grisly murders and convinced something has gone wrong, he struggles to convince his girlfriend that these nightmares are bleeding into reality.

As Lincoln is forced to the brink of insanity, he will have to face his worst fears to keep the monster from destroying the one he loves.


  1. Wow, I love the cover, Carol. I've been looking for books that challenge my usual genre reading material. This definitely fits as I've avoided horor books. The movie Carrie totally scared the pants right off me and I've never ventured back into that realm. Here goes. Deep breath. Picking up "Unmade" - but reading it only outside in bright sunlight. And only with someone with me. I'm such a dang chicken.

    1. Well my dad read it and it wouldn't be his usual. He got through it without diving behind the couch so you should be fine. :)

  2. Lurve the new cover! Can't wait for the release. :-)

  3. I came over here from Absolutewrite forums because I saw this image as your avatar. I just wanted you to know I love this cover. I went back to look at UNMADE's previous cover and this is just stunning. You lucky girl you!

    Good luck.