Jan 5, 2013


First, congratulations to the winners of the signed Shades of Atlantis books at Christmas. All winners have been notified. Thank you to everyone who took part.

Writing is off to a flying start this year. Well, re-writing.

After spending most of the second half of 2012 writing new material, I’ve finally stepped away from writing and returned to revising Shades of Avalon. I’m up to revisions on chapter 4. Some of the later chapters need a lot of work, but I’m still on schedule for a complete, revised manuscript by the end of February. Early comments are favourable. That’s a huge relief. Fingers crossed for it to continue.

Happy New Year everyone!


  1. Happy New Year! Happy Shades of Avalon Year!!!

  2. Congrats on making such good progress on Avalon! Carry on and may it continue well.