Mar 17, 2012

Cursing Athena (Order Of Seven Book #1) Review

ADULT Fiction- Novella



For Danika, the only thing worse than going commando while wearing a fugly, silver bodysuit, was dealing with her deadbeat, ex-husband James. Catcalls, unwanted groping and lecherous stares weren’t really her cup of tea either, but she’d endure all of it and more if her new job serving cocktails at Masquerade meant ridding herself of his mountain of debt. It was just a job, after all, and what choice did she have with James' creditors breathing down her neck? What she didn't bargain for, however, was falling heels-over-head in lust with a two-hundred-plus pound, shape-shifting immortal from Ancient Greece.

On a mission to take down a parasitic demon, Ty doesn't have time for distraction. Not even when that distraction could prove to be his possible lifemate in the form of sweet, innocent, yet sexy-as-hell Danika. But when the leech he’s hunting goes after the cocktail waitress, all bets are off. Unable to resist her siren call any longer, Ty surrenders himself to Danika, body and soul, treating them both to a night they'll never forget.


5 Star

Well, that was an entertaining read.

I discovered Lisa’s witty style of writing in her first book, Eve of Samhain.  I loved that book and I’m delighted to say this one is even better. The description was just the way I like it, enough so I could really feel I was there seeing, hearing and even smelling everything as the action progressed. I could even feel the stifling air that made the the main female, Danika, sweat. Warning: Don't read on the train like I did. Hot, Hot, Hot. I kept looking around and giggling because I was so sure I was blushing. Honestly, Lisa knows how to write guys who blow the top clean off the hotness scale.

This is one for fans of The Black Dagger Brotherhood but contains so much detail on Greek mythology and back story as to make it unique in its own right. I can't believe there is so much story packed into such a shot novella. A really great read. I will be eagerly awaiting the rest of the series and hope there will be several books to come.

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  1. Awesome review, Carol! "Lisa knows how to write guys who blow the top clean off the hotness scale." She sure does. ;)

  2. Oh, sounds great! I'm a little bit obsessed with ancient Greece at the moment. Off to Amazon to buy the book.