Nov 14, 2011

Ananchel and Lofi

I’m a visual person. When I read, the words disappear from the page and I am immersed in the story. It plays out in my mind’s eye like a movie. When I write, something similar happens. I see the story in my head just like a movie and I then have to find the words to describe what I see. I often make mock up covers for writing projects or short videos. Ember had a number of trailers before I produced the final version.


The very talented, Amanda Tromley produced the graphic image I use as a background for my twitter page based on my description of two characters.


I’ve recently discovered a fabulous sites called Doll Divine. It’s sort of like the dress up paper dolls I loved as a kid. I’ve been having a ton of fun playing around with it. I’ve recently finished writing the sequel to Ember and I’ve been using some of the character who show up again and some of the new characters as inspiration for my dolls.

ananchel pic                             lofi pic                   

                              Ananchel                                                                       Lofi

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