Aug 30, 2011

Operation Get Up and Move



You may have already seen this blog button on a few sites already and know what it’s all about. If not, Operation Get Up and Move is the brainchild of Lisa Sanchez. Lisa decided a few months ago it was time to get fit and now she’s inviting the rest of us to join in. Authors are inclined to spend a lot of time sitting down, readers too. After all, what’s better than curling up on the couch with a good story? Maybe a story and some chocolate? If you are anything like me, you are in need of some motivation to get moving.

I was a the top of my fitness four years ago. Seven days a week I ran six kilometres, swam three kilometres and followed that up with either an hour of weights or yoga. I’ve experienced extended bouts of depression sprinkled with periods of extreme highs as long as I can remember. Exercise helps a lot but the last few years have been a personal minefield and I realized I was trying to be everything to everyone around me. I split myself into little pieces and as a result nothing got 100% from me. When demands on my time grew, one of the first things I allowed to slip was exercise. I haven’t been to my very expensive gym in eighteen months. Six months ago it came to my attention that there isn’t thirty five hours in a day and no matter how hard I try, there never will be. I made a life changing decision to reprioritize my life.

It’s taken this long to put my decision into action. From the 5th September I will be at home full-time with my son where I’m needed most. So what better time to take my health in hand. Taking care of him requires a lot of energy and he will need me around for a very long time. I’m making a commitment to take part in some form of exercise for one hour per day from the 6th September.

Lisa set up a Facebook group where people can come and support each other over the next few months, share stories of successes and seeks commiseration on the days we would rather eat a cupcake than walk a mile.


  1. I'm sure your sister-in-law would love some company on her runs... *snicker* But in all seriousness, congratulations and I hope your rededication to fitness goes well... Your son isn't the only one who wants you around for a very long time. ;)

  2. Oh yeah, I said I was going to do this...

    Good for you to make time for YOU again. I'm very happy for your son that he's got a mama that loves him so much---and you're absolutely right that you helping yourself is going to help him too.

  3. There must be something in the air, I've just recently started working to regain control of my health instead of letting my health control me. I'm taking it very slow though. Good luck, you deserve a bit of your own attention.