Aug 5, 2011

New Look

I want to say a massive thank you  to Janice over at The Blog Bakery for creating this fabulous new look for my blog. Isn’t it pretty? I practically jumped up and down when I saw the first draft. Janice deserves extra thanks for putting up with my total indecision on the theme. We didn’t set out to go for a Celtic feel. In fact, I had no idea what kind of a look I wanted. I said I would be happy with anything at all. Janice helped me go through other sites and blogs to get an idea on what I prefer. I was drawn to either neutral or dark themes, so the next step was to get ideas for graphics. Strangely, I thought I would go for supernatural creatures but I didn’t. Apparently I like Celtic inspired images… who knew?

The image is header is Celtic Woman and is used courtesy of Rosa Sinmas. It’s absolutely beautiful and I’m thrilled and honoured to display it on my blog.

After this, Janice put the blog together with little to no input from me. She checked with me at each stage but there was no need for me to say anything other than ‘I love it’.  Janice had already done a wonderful job at working out what I didn’t know I always wanted my blog to look like and delivered perfectly. The entire process was quick and painless. I can’t stop looking at it.

Now that my blog is looking pretty I am opening up to guest posts and interviews. If you would like to stop by for a visit, please send me an email and I would be happy to host you. 

If you are looking for a blog revamp, I would encourage you to give The Blog Bakery a try.

In other news, the details on the Ember blog tour hosted by YA Bound have been finalized and you can see the list of blogs and the prizes by clicking on the tour banner in the sidebar.