Feb 14, 2011

Information and Motivation

I would like to give a big thank you to the blogs who took part in the recent Shades of Atlantis blog Tour. I will be taking part in another tour this April hosted by the A Tale of Many Reviews, and will post more details on that as it becomes available.

I'm lacking the motivation to write over the last few days. I still write everyday, even if only a few lines. It isn't what I am supposed to be working on. I'm not blocked because I know what I want to write about. The story I'm working on is in my head and evolving hour by hour but, it seems to want to remain in my head and for my entertainment only. It seems to be suffering a case of stage fright.

This has never really happened before. I have heard other authors speak about how it never gets easier to put yourself out there with new work. I didn't expect it to get harder. The usual things I would try to tempt  the story out and onto the page aren't working. I've tried music and silence, watching movies to relax and buying shiny new books as an incentive to reach the end.

I'm sure this is something that happens to writers in all forms of writing from New York Published authors to people blogging for fun. How do you deal with writing stage fright?

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  1. I'm struggling with motivation myself. Stress tends to suck the drive to write or do anything right out of me, and I've been dealing with a heap of stress lately. I've had the ending to The Witching Hour in my head for months, I just haven't had the drive to write any more than 500 words at a time. Granted, I do have two releases that are also keeping me busy, so juggling time to write along with social media time is a challenge.

    My suggestion is to just keep plugging away. The story will come out when it's ready, and it will be great. Some things are worth the wait :D

  2. Thanks Lisa. I bet it feels good saying you have two releases now!