Jul 19, 2010


Since this is my first post I thought the best way to begin is to introduce myself. My name is Carol and I’m an author. I can say that now because I have actually managed to grab one of those elusive publishing contracts.

A little about me, I’m Irish and a mum to a 14 year old bundle of energy. My life is crazy because I am always travelling somewhere, mostly within Ireland, my lovely partner lives in Northern Ireland, but I have been to Spain, France, England, Turkey, Ibiza, Tenerife and America in the last few years. I can be found packing or unpacking at least once every couple of days.

You might think this doesn’t leave a lot of time for writing and you would be right. I manage to squeeze in an hour or so whenever I can. When I’m not writing in those stolen moments, I’m reading. I love a story I can sink my teeth into. I especially like anything with a supernatural element or MC’s finding themselves in apparently hopeless situations that are eventually resolved. That is probably why I lean to writing stories like that myself.

My debut YA novel, Shades of Atlantis, is in the process of being published. It’s a story about love and charting the turbulent waters of destiny and I’m hoping will it will be the beginning of a long writing career.


  1. Hello my sweet!! Can't wait for the book to be published! You already have a fan!! (by the way, that would be me!) *wink*

  2. Really excited about Shades of Atlantis :) And blog/website is looking lovely!! Maybe one day Cheltenham can be one of the places you travel to ;) xx

  3. Or Iceland! You should definitely visit Iceland :)

    I have to agree to Sheree, the blog is looking amazing :) And I'm really interested by your book, can't wait to read it!

  4. Thanks guys, I still have so many places to see. Whale watching in Iceland would be amazing and I'm sure I can convince Rodney to go to Cheltenhan at some point. I'll just have to keep him away from the race track. :-)